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See the foundation in addition to type and color of jade bracelets, jade bracelets are most likely to choose the wrong or its foundation (foundation is outside the green part).cartier juste un clou bracelet In general, the emerald green part of the species will be very good, very thorough, but non green part of a particularly dry, not clear, this is called "dragon to place water" (the emerald green ribbon like a dragon, green place often for water will be better).buy cartier juste un clou bracelet Green part for copies of the same two bracelets, as there is different, the price may be a difference of a lot of times.
Read lock jade bracelets lock of crack, in the light of it is easy to see, but sometimes the bracelet in stone, color road is easy as tuft split,fake cartier juste un clou bracelet buyers need to compare the difference in practice. It seems flawless, probably is not good, then it is not easy to see jade internal problems, also easily when choosing a jade bracelet error of judgment. But for the better of jade, inside more clearly, tuft split phenomenon is more obvious.
Look at the shape of the same,cartier juste un clou bracelet replica with wide fine color bracelets, due to the wide fine, the price will be different. Generally speaking, the higher prices of materials to open cartier juste un clou bracelet Thickness reflects the "height" in the cross section of high-end bracelets bracelets, is relatively thick, relatively full.
Look at the ring bracelet diameter will affect the price, the same, with the color of the bracelet, ring opening is greater,cartier juste un clou bracelet price uk the higher the price.
The Salvation Army bracelet is a beliefChristianSymbol of personal jewelry. This bracelet from different colors of beads, such as gold, black, red, white, blue and purple. Each kind of different colors have different meanings.

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